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Charlie Karumi, By Rich Allela

This is Charlie!

Actor | Tv & Radio Host | Creator

Here are some pics of Charlie working.

Charlie's Showreel

Projects He's Worked On

He's an award-winning Kenyan actor who's played some major roles on several major projects. Here are a few of those film projects.

For a full run down of his filmography, head to the Charlie As An Actor page, or check out his Resume here.

Charlie Karumi Kenyan actor filming Liberty miniseries in South Africa
Charlie Karumi kenyan actor filming oscar nominated Watu Wote
Charlie Karumi Kenyan actor filming Morning After Netflix
Charlie Karumi Kenyan actor filming Janjaruka series comedy
Charlie Karumi Kenyan actor filming Fundimentals movie Kalasha winner comedy

Played the role of Marcus on Liberty, a 5 episode Danish miniseries that premiered at Berlinale.

Liberty is based on the acclaimed award winning novel by Jakob Ejersbo.

Played the character of Issa Osman on this Academy Award Nominated short-film.

Directed by Katja Benrath, it's based on the tragic true story of the December 2015 Mandera bus attack by militant group Al-Shabaab in Kenya.

Plays the role of Joe on this Kalasha Award winning short film. After a successful film festival tour in East Africa and beyond, it would later get picked up by streaming giant Netflix.

Plays the role of Johnnie on this hilarious dramedy. Based on actual real-life con stories, this series tells the story of a ragtag group of four Nairobi youths who take on the cunning criminal underbelly of the city!

Played the role of Moses on this racy Kenyan comedy. Won him the Kalasha Award for Best Supporting Actor 2015.

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