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Charlie Karumi Kenyan Actor Headshot

The Full Story

Born in 90s Nairobi, Charlie developed a love and flair for performing in his teens, at (The) Alliance High School. That's where he discovered the Drama Club, a bunch of oddballs that didn't look at you funny when you re-enacted a scene from your favorite movie at full dialogue volume plus stage-movement and choreography. If anything, they encouraged it! 13 year old Charlie fit right in. Four years and a couple of inter-school competition trophies later, he proceeded to Strathmore University where, as he pursued a Bachelors Degree in Business Information Technology (BBIT), he trained and performed at The Phoenix Players Theatre. Famed Kenyan Tv producer Dorothy Ghettuba spotted him on stage at Phoenix once, and cast him in a pilot, then later as a featured extra on an ongoing TV show, and finally, in a series regular role on Tv show 'Jane and Abel'

During a season break on that show, he started his YouTube channel "Charlie's Channel". At first he made short comedic skits, and then later found a love for the outdoors on his vlog series series titled "Charlie's Day Out". YouTube allowed (read forcefully made) him learn about writing, camera work, lighting, editing... even makeup, as he was his own

one-man-crew / future union-headache! He even worked behind the lens at Spielworks Media as a Film Editor and Digital Content Manager for a while after his series wrapped.

His resumé will tell you all about the tv and film projects he's acted in over the years, including playing the role of Issah Osman on the Oscar nominated short film 'Watu Wote', which led that unforgettable trip to the Dolby Theatre in 2018 for the 90th Academy Awards. That was really special. (You can watch that adventurehere)

Charlie took some time off the scripted film and TV sets to venture into the exciting world of Tv and Radio hosting. He was one of the 12 participants from all over Africa on talent search show "TLC's Next Great Presenter", emerging as the 2nd Runners Up in Johannesburg. He later worked on Tv stations K24 and Scoop Network Africa, before launching his foray into radio and attaining the much sought after Breakfast show slot on NRG Radio and later 1035 Homeboyz Radio.

One never forgets their true love though; so now the perky, prodigal son is making his way back on set. He insists he forgot something in the Dolby Theatre when he last went there, a shiny golden statuette, and so he's itching to go back and get it as soon as he can.

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